Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Memorial Highlight - To Write Their Names in the Sand

I want to let you know about a special memorial for babies in heaven called "To Write Their Names in the Sand" at http://www.namesinthesand.blogspot.com/.  The website states, "To Write Their Names In The Sand is a memorial site for children. It was founded on August 19th 2008, 19 months after [Sam and Carly Dudley's] son Christian was stillborn.  Since August 2008 we have written over 8040 childrens names in the sand." 

The way the website works is that every few weeks or so, they open their page for name requests.  Parents can submit names of their babies in heaven, and Carly will write the name in the sand at a beach not far from their home in Australia, and will then take a picture of it and post it on their website along with the child's name and any other information the family wants written.  All of this is free.  You can also purchase a high resolution .jpg file for $20 (Australian dollars).

It looks like the next time they will take name requests will be around Friday, October 23.  Carly has a number of other projects aimed at supporting parents of babies in heaven on their grief journey, including a line of sympathy cards specifically for parents who have lost a baby.  It's a beautiful site and a lovely way to create a memorial to your children.  We have two of our babies' names written there, and it made me cry happy tears to see my children's names for everyone to see.  Hope you find this encouraging!

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