About Kristi

My Family
I'm the wife of a wonderful husband. I'm a mother of four, one precious toddler whose smile lights up our home and three whose smiles I'll see for the first time in heaven. I'm a first-born with all of the accompanying characteristics.  I'm a member of an incredibly supportive family, both by birth and by marriage, and I have half a dozen nieces and nephews that I adore.

My Faith
I grew up in a Christian home and understood the message of the Bible enough to accept Jesus as my Savior when I was eight.  I dedicated my heart more fully as a teen-ager and then, after a time of heart-wandering my first year of college, gave my life to God completely, even (gasp!) if he wanted me to be a missionary.

My Ministry
I am an ESOL teacher (English for Speakers of Other Languages) by profession and work as a middle school teacher during the school year.  Over the years, I've also had the chance to use my ESOL training in ministries to adult immigrants and with students in other countries.  My husband is a pastor and my church involvement over the years has been in the areas of music, children's ministry, Sunday School teaching, missions, and women's ministry.  

My Passions
I am passionate about helping others understand the Bible and about sharing the gospel with those who have less or no opportunity to hear it.  I care deeply about the unborn and their mothers and fathers; few things disturb me as much as the number of unborn babies legally killed through abortion and the men and women left emotionally scarred as a result. 

I feel for other women who have experienced the loss of a baby during or after pregnancy, and so desire to reach out to them and let them know that they are not alone.  I long for the church to be a haven, not a place of hurt, for such parents during these difficult days. 

More than anything, I am passionate about Jesus, who has entrusted me not only with the gospel, but also with the awesome treasure of children, both in heaven and on earth. May He bless my meager attempts to use that treasure for His glory