Saturday, April 23, 2011

To Write Their Names in the Sand - website review

"To Write Their Names in the Sand" is a beautiful memorial website for parents who have lost children in pregnancy, infancy, or other times in childhood.  Carly Marie Dudley and her husband had a son, Christian, who was stillborn.  Some time later, she began a free service to others of writing, and photographing, the names of children in the sand of a beach not far from their home in Australia.  My babies' names (Naomi and Kyria) are posted there if you would like to see an example. The way it works is she posts on her Facebook page that she is taking requests (usually for a brief time - about 24 hours) and then she closes requests while she write and photographs the new names.

This is a really wonderful service to other parents.  That said, however, I want to caution my readers that it is not a Christian site, and I am a little dismayed to see that Carly is now posting weekly "angel card readings" as an encouragement to those who follow her sites.  Angel card readings are NOT based on Scriptural truth, but are grounded instead in New Age teachings.  I truly believe Carly's heart is in the right place, but her spiritual leanings at this time do not seem to be lined up with Biblical truth.  So while I do recommend her site as a place for parents to submit names of their children to be written in the sand as a comforting memorial, I urge caution as you take in some of her other postings.  Many of them are what I consider sound advice for parents who have lost babies (how to handle anniversaries, for example), but others (like the Angel Card readings) touch on spiritual leanings that do not line up with Scripture.

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Mrs C said...

Kristi, those images of your precious baby girls names in the sand are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us xx