Monday, November 8, 2010

When you lose a baby....

When someone loses a baby, it's common for people around them to minimize the loss, at least in their minds, by comparing it to a later loss.  At least it was early in the least it wasn't a late would be so much harder if it was such-and-such an age.

What people don't always realize is that when we lose a baby, no matter what age in the womb, we lose a unique person, and we lose the child, the teenager, the adult that person would have been.

I lost Jordan in May at four weeks' gestation.  "Barely pregnant" people might say.  But when I lost Jordan...
  • I lost the full-term baby I would have delivered next February.
  • I lost a toddler who will never need me to kiss a scraped knee.
  • I lost a five-year-old who will never start kindergarten.
  • I lost a teen-ager who will never make me cringe by learning to drive my car.
  • I lost a high school graduate whom I won't help pack for college.
  • I lost a young adult whom I will never plan a wedding for.
  • I lost a lifetime of memories that will never be made. 
Hence, my sadness.  The loss of a precious individual, a unique mix of my husband and me,whom I will not know this side of heaven.  If you, too, have had a very early loss like mine, know that you are allowed to grieve, that it is normal to grieve.  You many sometimes wonder if it was a dream, if you really were pregnant.  You were, and your baby lives on in the presence of a holy, loving God.  But it's normal and human and motherly to wish your baby were still with you now, and to shed many precious tears for the life that would have been.

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Tammy said...

Beautiful, Kristi. Thank you for this post.