Welcome to Naomi's Circle!

Naomi's Circle is a community dedicated to supporting parents of babies in heaven, lost during any stage of pregnancy or shortly after birth. We are made up of parents, family, friends, pastors, and other professionals who may work with people dealing with such a loss.

The vision of Naomi's Circle is a community particularly of parents who, having experienced the uniquely devastating loss of a baby, are able and willing with the strength of the Lord to gather around others going through a similar loss to offer hope and healing in the name of Jesus. We pray that by doing so, we may also impact our churches and our community to raise awareness of the needs of such parents and to positively impact others. We also desire to be a resource for friends, family, pastors, and other professionals seeking to understand the needs and hurts of parents dealing with this kind of loss.

Naomi's Circle is a ministry based in the Scriptures and in a firm belief in Jesus as Savior and Lord. We focus on events and resources available in our local area (the Midlands area of South Carolina), but welcome participants from other places and from other denominational and faith backgrounds. Currently, we only "meet" online, but in the future, we plan to have regular support group meetings in the northeast part of the Columbia metro area.

Our inspiration...

Naomi's Circle was named for Naomi Faith, our second daughter, who died in a "late miscarriage" at 18 weeks' gestation. To our great sorrow, she was joined by a little sister, Kyria Hope, lost in a first trimester miscarriage only six months later, and another sibling, Jordan Gabriel, who joined them when we experienced another early miscarriage in May, 2010. Naomi's death in particular challenged and deepened our faith and introduced us to the community of pregnancy and infant loss.

It is also named for the Naomi of the Scriptures who suffered the loss of her husband and two sons. When she returned to her home in Bethlehem, the women of the city gathered around her, listened without condemnation as she poured out her grief, gently pointed her to God's faithfulness, and rejoiced with her as she moved on with life. It is our hope and prayer that we in this community can do the same for one another as we travel this road together.