Saturday, September 4, 2010

Introducing Naomi's Circle

Naomi's Circle is an online support group for parents of babies in heaven.  It's particularly for those in the greater Columbia, South Carolina, area, but anyone is welcome.  Our group is hosted by and you can join or access it from the links on this page.

This blog will serve as way to share thoughts and resources about the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy.  So many people don't know how to respond to someone who has lost a baby in pregnancy, especially when it is earlier.  So we'll talk about that and the range of emotions that come with it. 

I'm writing as someone who has walked this road three times since March 9, 2009, when our daughter Naomi went to be with the Lord at 18 weeks' gestation.  The journey God has brought us on since then is one I would not have chosen, but looking back I can clearly see His hand at work and how He is bringing something beautiful out of our pain.  May He do the same for others walking the road of pregnancy loss.  Looking forward to connecting with others here.

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